3rd Showreel

Here you can see my third showreel.

The task was to make a minute and a half long showreel within one month which would be done on a high technical standard, showing person’s ability to use cameras, light, editing software. We also had to use still images and original music and this time the showreel had to have a narrative

Cameras used:

  • Nikon D90 (because I was given two empty batteries for Sony HVR-Z1E, I was not able to use it, so had to go for an alternative and shoot with Nikon D90 instead)

Editing is done in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

Music used is a song called Necropolis by Jarkko Hietanen, which is free to use under Creative Commons licence, found from Beatpick.com.

Read about my process with two previous showreels: 1st one here and the 2nd one here.

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One comment

  1. Richard

    Laura, this is fantastic, great work! :) I found this while looking for some CS6 effects to add to my zombie movie.

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